Jeju's autonomy is model for Western Sahara: Morocco

时间:2023-11-30 16:19:22 来源:슬롯 온라인 사이트

The Moroccan Embassy emphasized the significance of administrative autonomy as a catalyst for development, citing as an example the limited autonomy given to Jeju, at a symposium it hosted in Seoul on Friday. South Korea's southernmost island is a self-governing province, except for defense, diplomacy and judicial affairs.

Moroccan Ambassador to Korea Chafik Rachadi referred Jeju as a successful example of administrative autonomy playing a crucial role in regional development, at the symposium, held under the theme, "Autonomy as a Relay for Development: A Comparative Approach."

Morocco's autonomy plan for Western Sahara could be beneficial for development as well, according to Rachidi.

Western Sahara is a disputed territory, but Morocco asserts control over the region, referring to it as its "southern provinces," going back to before Spain established the region as a colony in 1884.

On the other hand, the Polisario Front, supported by Algeria, advocates for the self-determination of Western Sahara, opposing Morocco's claim to the territory.

The conflict has deep historical roots, dating back to the Madrid Accords of November 1975, which allocated two-thirds of Western Sahara to Morocco and one-third to Mauritania. Morocco submitted a plan to the United Nations in April 2007, responding to Security Council calls for a "definitive political solution" to the dispute.